Using github actions for my blog from now on

less than 1 minute read

Github actions looks cool. I can’t wait for using it even if it’s still in ‘beta’ at the moment.

One benefit to use github actions for my blog I believe is to be able to find more diagnostic information if I make a mistake. I found it hard to know what’s wrong if I made a mistake when using the classic Jekyll github page. Looks like github actions’ workflow runs history can give me more hints if I make a mistake.

Here is the steps to migrate classic Jekyll gh-pages to github actions:

  1. Repository - Settings - Actions - Actions permissions

    Choose “Allow all actions and reusable workflows”.

  2. Repository - Settings - Pages

    Under “Build and deployment”, choose “Github Actions” as “Source”.

  3. Add the suggested Jekyll github actions workflow

    It’s to add a .yml file under .github/workflows folder of the repository. Basically no need to modify the .yml file unless wanting to use a different branch other than master to deploy or deleting some verbose comments.

  4. Merge my previous gh-pages branch, which is back to master which is used for deployment in my .yml file

BTW, I found I can view deployment history here: